Monday, August 19, 2013

Editing software

although I have been wanting to Vlog more than just once my biggest obstacle to overcome by far was editing software. Now I have some so hopefully do this a little more than I have been.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

blogging out Vlogging in

As life goes on I think I am slowly going to switch over to making this blog a vlog - Got a gopro gonna purchase some editing software and then give it heck - its much more entertaining than a reading right?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

been a while

It has been a while since a blogged but I just wanted to let anyone that may be following that I am still out here – I might be doing less blogging for a while as the wife has gone back to school and therefore I have gotten reacquainted with the washing machines in the house. This doesn’t leave a lot of time for frilly things like blogging but I will throw things up here from time to time. Below is the club schedule and my thoughts on each event.

May 19 – Pools 5 and 5a Mississippi River – I personally like the river and I feel like every other year we can have a riverish type of year on the calendar. So this year is one of those riverish types of years where we go there 3 times – but it is all good because overall it saves us money as anglers – and I am all about that. As far as this event – I am not sure how things will play out this spring – it could be a wack fest as we have had virtually no snow and what we have had is melting slowly. I expect most of our club will fish this event and some solid weights will be caught – I won’t be happy until I stick 20lbs then I might have a chance.

June 16 – Pool 4 Mississippi River – It will be fun again to do a river event – I have had very little experience in the month of June on the river – Probably because our club usually goes somewhere else for the June tourney and that is where I focus my efforts. However I imagine most fish will be far from spawning and will start heading to summer places depending on flow and heat – also the frog might start to play and that fun.

July 16 – Prior lake – I have never sampled the waters of prior – I imagine it will fish like many metro lakes with weedlines being the key as well as maybe some docks playing a role at times… I like new lakes and this one should be fun as rumor has it that Prior will throw you the occasional toad.

August 13th – Waconia – This lake has always been good to me but to really honest it is not my favorite – sure it is fun to figure them out and go and wack them and you always have a chance for a true toad on Waconia but it is boring to pitch a texas rig all day and I think that is what has won it most of the time on that lake … at least for our club this time of year.

September 22-23 – club 2 dayer – TBD - my guess is we will be going to 2013 state waters unless it is the river then we might chose somwhere else.

October 13 – Pool 6 Mississippi river – I am probably most excited about this one because the river is on fire every year in the fall – it would be fine with me if we fished the first and the last tourney each year on the river. I hope the smallies are rockin spooks by this time of year still as that is an absolute blast to catch them that way.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

over 2 months

I haven’t posted in some time and most of it has been due to fishing or working but now that fall has come things have slowed a bit – I think pictures speak best.

4lb 1 oz on a river2 sea dahlberg frog

A couple of smallies

 One my wife caught on a wake bait that I will let you guess how big it is


And the biggest of 7 fish I caught on a frog in about 10 minutes – quite a flurry.

And then I don't know what this flathead was thinking eating a kvd 1.5 but he choked it - 20lbs 13 oz
winning bag on silver lake i may blog this later

Monday, July 11, 2011

More fun fishing

Saturday marked a day of fun fishing with Mark whom I met last year as I was lucky enough to draw mark for the state tournament on lake Minnetonka – he was up to his dirty tricks again of the deep. Mark is a connoisseur of fishing the deep rock on metro lakes, he is truly the Jigaissance man . He has been learning the tips and trick of it for years and it is definitely his strength. I learned much by watching – things that will help me as the years go on. He about has the fish tied up on this particular lake as he knew exact what land marks to cast and where to hold the boat – the action started slow as My first fish of the day was this slaunchy 5lb walleye ate the football jig. Mark said that was to be expected as the fish didn’t really turn on til after 9 he thought. And in fact it was at 9 we boated the first 4lber of the day shortly after catching the 4lber pictured I caught one more that was right at the 4lber mark as well – But promised mark I wouldn’t make him take another picture unless is was over 5.. Long story short we caught several fish all day and the smallest was a little over 2lbs – our best 5 together would have been somewhere around 18. I tried to make those rock fish eat a crankbait and I finally got one that was over 5 in fact it was about 12lbs so I made Mark snap one more picture. A great day of fishing it had quality fish and quality company.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

For fun

Made it out Tuesday afternoon for a boat experiment – I needed to do some prop testing and regain some confidence in my motor as I had it cut out on me completely the last time I went fishing. After a few short runs up and down the lake I had about 40 minutes left to fish and only 2 were brought to the boat but one being this 3lbs 11 oz which is a giant for the lake zumbro in the summer. It ties my biggest out there